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Bytes - Behind it All
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  • Med-e-Mass
  • MediSwitch
  • Altech Card Solutions
  • Altech NuPay

Bytes Secure Transaction Solutions focuses specifically on healthcare IT and eCommerce solutions, managed payment solutions and electronic transactions.



Med-e-Mass provides front-end practice management applications. At the cornerstone of these are applications such as debtor’s management systems that assist the medical practice with its office management and financial record-keeping routines. eLIXIR, the latest product from Med-e-Mass, is a clinical and financial management application - it is a marked improvement on existing technology, offering clinician and electronic patient records integrated with the administrative and financial functionalities required for effective office management.  It also allows on and off-site synchronization of patient records to facilitate more effective control of records at multiple locations, and is capable of storing and exchanging all common formats of graphical images, including x-rays and dental charts. The Med-e-Mass customer base, some 9000 professionals countrywide, is serviced from four regional offices and 50 contracted dealerships. Click here for the Med-e-Mass Website.


MediSwitch is a leading provider of electronic claim-switching services in South Africa. The services offered include real-time and batch submission of medical claims and related transactions for the majority of medical service providers. Customers ranging from retail pharmacies through medical specialists, general practitioners and hospitals, use this service deliver in excess of 9 million electronic healthcare transactions per month to all medical schemes in South Africa.

MediSwitch boasts a replicated switching system with full redundancy from two separate installations, a first and still a unique service to the South African healthcare industry. This facility is a crucial piece of the reliability and business continuity required by an industry that is increasingly using on-line, real-time systems for its communications and information exchange requirements. The solutions offered by MediSwitch is equally of benefit to service providers and scheme administrators, all of whom have an interest in reducing administrative workload, streamlining business processes and decreasing the turn-around times for information and claims processing. Click here for the MediSwitch website.

Altech Card Solutions

Altech Card Solutions provides Payment Acceptance Terminals, Card Personalisation and Financial Transaction Services.Altech Card Solutions has supplied payment terminals to the Banking and Retail industries since 1993. Altech Card Solutions has written all the Application software for the South African market and run a Repair Centre to support all terminals that have been deployed. ACS has a software development team based in Johannesburg where all application software has been written to comply with global standards.

Altech Card Solutions runs a secure, certified and high availability transaction processing platform and service which it offers to its customers either as a transactional service or alternatively as an outsourced hosted service. The solution is based on the S1 (Postilion) solution and product range and can be customized and adapted to conform to a customer’s specific needs or requirements. The service offering covers the following main functional requirements Financial Transaction Processing, Credentials, Front-End Transaction Origination Options and Card Related Services.

Altech Nupay

Altech NuPay is the leader in managed electronic payment and collection solutions. Altech NuPay offers proven business solutions within the authenticated (terminal based, card present), non-authenticated (card not present) and web-based product space, providing a secure solution for payment collections to all industries. Altech NuPay develops, maintains and markets all its own products and services.

The following client types are who we can add great value to:

Unsecured credit providers - Schools - Retailers - SME/MME - Restaurants - Any business requiring recurring or once off collections - Any business that require reducing cash disbursements

Click here for Altech Nupay Website.

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