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MediSwitch launches LifeDoc™, the first independent personal health record in South Africa

Wed, 10/14/2015

There are few things as frustrating as struggling to remember or keep track of important health-related information, whether in an emergency, a doctor’s consultation or when filling in forms. Now MediSwitch, a division of Altron TMT, has launched a pioneering solution that is empowering consumers to track and manage their health from one convenient digital location for life.
LifeDoc™ is the first independent personal health record in South Africa, with no affiliation to any medical aid, doctor or other healthcare provider.
LifeDoc™, available at a launch-special monthly subscription of R35 per main member and R10 per family member,  enables the creation of a digital personal health record that is completely private, owned and accessible by the user at any point in his or her life, no matter the healthcare or insurance provider being used, or if these providers change. LifeDoc™ is web-based with a viewer available on mobile devices and an upcoming smartphone app for iPhone and Android in development.
“With LifeDoc™ we give you peace of mind that your health record is stored safely. We employ the highest standards in data security with an SSL-certified site where you register and capture your information to an encrypted database, where your personal health record is stored and backed up for you. We also won’t share your personalised information with third parties as per the strict privacy policy,” assures Peter Kennedy, Managing Director of MediSwitch.
LifeDoc™ provides users with a quick and simple way to record, store, track and selectively share their own or their family’s health information. This means important health information is always at hand when it’s needed, particularly in emergencies or during visits to healthcare professionals, allowing users to manage their health, as well as that of their family, better.
LifeDoc™ enables members to, amongst others:
Easily record, store, track, manage and share health records from one place
Upload scanned documents and attach them to the files and folders created
Keep track of vital signs, medication, any chronic conditions and more
Track pregnancy and start creating a health record for baby from birth
Effortlessly keep track of children’s immunisations, developmental milestones and health events
Track hormone cycles with an easy to use calendar for women
Have comprehensive medical and health records - giving new healthcare providers the information they need to give the best diagnosis, care, and treatment, including preventative care
Plan medical consultations armed with relevant information, whether going for an initial consultation follow ups, or a second opinion
Keep track of important dates, surgeries, treatment details that you or your children may not remember later in life
Set reminders for immunisation, doctor’s appointments, medicine collections, script renewals and more
Selectively share health information or parts thereof with healthcare providers and loved ones as needed
Ensure emergency medical personnel can access your selected health information when you are not able to
According to Marina van der Merwe, MediSwitch Regional Manager: “The real benefit will be seen when people start keeping a health record and maintain it on an ongoing basis from capturing family history and surgeries to day-to-day tracking of medicine use, chronic conditions, health events, appointments, and much more. This way people will be able to have improved consultations with healthcare providers, optimally leading to better diagnoses and treatment decisions, early diagnosis, preventative care and improved doctor-patient relationships.”
Getting access to all these LifeDoc™ features is as simple as filling in the registration form on and then logging in to start capturing past and present health information to create a personal health record using the prompts and templates provided.
Healthcare professionals can only access this information during a consultation if the member requests a one-time PIN (OTP), which gives the doctor once-off access to the profile and is valid for 24 hours, or in the case of an emergency, when medical personnel will be able to access certain vital information using an ID number, full name or car registration number.
MediSwitch has been responsible for the safe exchange of medical claims data for the past 22 years. The company’s experience in the healthcare and information technology systems industry provides the intelligence, value and peace of mind behind LifeDoc™’s easy-to-use personal health record. It also means that medical claims data can be imported into records seamlessly.  

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