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Bytes Carbon Footprint

Bytes has appointed 16 Carbon Footprint Champions who will serve at each site where we produce carbon emissions.

The Champions have been appointed to assist the executive to drive the carbon reduction process and will have two main functions in addition to his / her normal duties.

Data collection and site emission database management

Each operating company will report yearly on carbon emission statistics and each Bytes carbon champion will report to the company Exco on site current and past emissions and global and group carbon trends. A total carbon emissions scorecard will be produced for the Bytes group.


Proposing carbon emission reductions
The site carbon champions will also evaluate site carbon emission history and propose yearly carbon emission targets per site.

In this regard global best practice and best practice in our industry and group will assist to determine what strategy is effective in driving carbon reductions.

The Carbon Champion will propose carbon reduction targets and reduction strategies to the company executive. The Carbon champions will also assist with the implementation of the strategy.

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