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The business of outsourcing

Call centres are a bane of the modern business world. Fortunately, Bytes People Solutions has a solution that is changing the industry

Business process outsourcing is an umbrella term that describes the practice of contracting a specific business task to a third-party service provider. In the case of Bytes People Solutions (BPS), such tasks may be recruitment, skills development, technical support and, of course, contact centres. While the outsourced task is non-core for the client company, for BPS it is the reason for its existence.

“Business process outsourcing is one of our core business areas,” says Dr Madelise Grobler, MD of BPS. “Hence we approach it differently. As an absolute minimum, we do not separate it from other business areas. Nor do we disregard the human element that underscores its success.” Instead, BPS offers an end-to-end solution that is holistic, integrated and personal. It is a solution that considers the entire system of which outsourcing is a part, as well as the lives that it has the capacity to transform.

BPS has close on 20 years’ experience in people and business development. The company’s experience in analysing business processes gives it the insight it needs to implement tailor-made business optimisation solutions. These range from outsourcing and co-sourcing to off-shoring of non-core and specialist functions, depending on what clients need.

The benefits of these solutions are numerous. Most importantly, it gives an organisation the freedom to focus on its central operations and future growth strategies. “But,” warns Madelise, “this is only the case if the people in these ancillary teams have been sufficiently trained and developed to manage their tasks efficiently and effectively.”

And this is where Bytes People Solutions is different to other business process outsourcing providers. “We only place people who have been through our skills factory where they are sufficiently upskilled,” says Madelise. They also receive on-board training, which nurtures a commitment in employees that ensures they are happier, less likely to fall prey to attrition and more likely to contribute proactively and productively to their environment.

Instead of feeling that they are stuck in a potentially dead-end job, the time and effort that BPS invests in agents’ future careers, empower and inspire them to contribute to a business culture in client organisations that is driven by excellence. “This also allows us to build strategic partnerships with our outsourcing customers,” says Madelise.

The business process outsourcing industry has developed into a key job creator for South Africa, providing an answer to the country’s problems of mass unemployment and skills shortages. By approaching business process outsourcing as a core business area, Bytes People Solutions has positioned itself to capitalise on the opportunities that this industry offers.

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