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Telecommunication - Overview

Bytes Universal Systems (Telecoms business unit) offers specialist IT services and solutions that help customers by creating, building and operating innovative services that support open digital ecosystems, revenue realisation and cost optimisation.

We achieve this by supplying a variety of software and application development systems integration, professional managed services, application support and a well-defined off-the-shelf product toolset. Bytes Universal Systems (Telecoms business unit) has a global presence and provides critical 24/7 business support services to its customers, who in turn support more than 60 million customers worldwide.

The Communications Industry continues to deal with declining voice revenue and growing competition from the Internet giants and Over the Top (OTT) application providers. The challenge is to grow revenue with new services, monetize these services and bring them to market quickly. Adding to these, are the challenges of the economy, mergers and acquisitions, and technology obsolescence. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) need to build the resiliency and cost savings in their business model to survive, while building a new business model to create revenue based on integrated internet services.

Bytes Universal Systems is the exclusive distributor for Unisys communications solutions in South Africa and into nine exclusive countries and six preferred partner countries in Sub Saharan Africa. The Unisys Communication Solutions provides a framework of new service enablement for Value Added Services, proven by over 25 years of evolving market requirements and technology, and trusted by 50+ Tier 1 Telecommunications customers around the world.

We are able to deliver new revenue generating solutions at low risk of service disruption, for any new deployment or migration of existing service and enable communications service providers, to offer their subscribers a rich set of innovative features aimed at enhancing customer loyalty and increasing average revenue per user.

We provide our customers with a roadmap to help address business challenges and recognize opportunities to grow revenue, by offering a suite of solutions focused around communications, security and cloud, to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

Core business pillars include:

  • Agile Business and IT - Optimizing IT and operations to deliver the speed and flexibility needed in a digital world.
  • Customer Experience Management - Maximizing market share, customer growth and loyalty.
  • Open Digital - Creating an open digital ecosystem where new services are delivered quickly, easily and securely.

Our knowledge of business processes related to customer administration  and customer experience management, business intelligence, data solutions and billing, as well as service assurance, mobility solutions and IT cost optimisation management, has enabled it to engineer solution suites for a variety of customers from Communication Service Providers to finance and media groups.

These include:

  • Bimodal IT approach that combines solid operations with agile architectures.
  • Integration of revenue generating services into customer’s digital ecosystems.
  • Cost optimisation that has continuously led to year in year savings for our major customers.
  • Outcome measured objectives including full CMMI and best practice industry accreditations.
  • Synthesising business and data for customer growth.

Telecommunication Sector - Solutions and Services

Telecommunication solutions are provided in our core areas of:

  • Software and Application Development
  • Managed & Professional Services
  • Systems Integration
  • Application, Product and System Support
  • In House Telco Product Sets
    • CRM,
    • Billing
    • Business Intelligence,
    • Master Data Management,
    • CIM,
    • Data Framework,
    • RICA/ FICA Compliance,
    • SRM,
    • EVD
    • ePayments
  • Unisys Telco Product Sets
    • Value added Services
    • Voice Messaging Services
    • Notification Services
    • Digital Dialog Manager
    • Visual Voice Mail
    • IVR Services
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Call Completion solutions
    • Secure Mobility
    • Voicemail Integration with Social Media

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