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Process Management and Control

Process Management and Control - Overview

BUS Process Management and Control (PMC) assists our Discreet, Continuous Process, General Manufacturing and Utilities customers achieve Manufacturing Operations Management Excellence.

We combine vendor agnostic Subject Matter Experts with the technologies preferred by our customers in the optimization of the operations processes below:

  • Production
  • Inventory
  • Quality
  • Maintenance 

PMC delivers an integrated solution strategy and implementation practice designed to help organisations leverage their installed manufacturing IT environment, enabling them to increase the ROI from their overall solution investment. Manufacturing information systems are typically point-solutions, built for a specific purpose, which do not always take the company’s solutions strategy or vision into account. Few manufacturing concerns have dedicated manufacturing operations architects to ensure long-term solution viability. Within manufacturing organisations, multiple solutions typically exist in parallel and data resides in various unconnected systems or solutions. Consequently, day-to-day decision-making suffers, which in turn negatively impacts the organisation's bottom line. For most manufacturing concerns, managers consistently single out real-time information availability as their number one area to improve. Effective, real-time, decision supporting reporting will only be possible with an integrated solution landscape.

PMC integrates Operations Technology (OT) environment at plant level into the Information Technology (IT) environment at executive level. Our PMC business unit has an impressive twenty year track record, maximising value delivery through the creative use of globally recognised "Best Practices" and Standards combined with a clear understanding of business and process issues.  We employ highly qualified, experienced engineers and analysts to design and develop solutions. The project framework used is tried and tested, having evolved from a high-risk bespoke software development project environment, into effective internal systems, procedures and templates, suited to the planning, design, implementation and support of Commercial off the Shelve (COTS) products.

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