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Public Sector – Local Government - Overview

Since ushering in our new democracy, there is no doubt that local government has contributed significantly to the achievement of many social and economic development advances, often under challenging circumstances. The fact that the majority of South Africans now have increased and improved access to basic services is testament to this.

That being said, local government still faces a number of key challenges which can include effective financial management, debt management, performance management and achieving clean audit status.

Our Local Government division has more than 40 years’ experience in the Local Government space.  We have the best track record in the market and ended on the top of the Market Potential Index (MPI) Ratings with the cleanest audits running on our system SAMRAS.

We have been supplying a locally developed, fully integrated Financial Management System Solution (ERP) called SAMRAS Classic, to local authorities for more than 40 years.

Our collective knowledge of government service delivery requirements, legislation and regulations, as well as our passion for innovation, has enabled us to continue to deliver superior value adding solutions geared to help our customers meet, achieve and exceed their service mandates.

Public Sector – Local Government - Solutions and Services

SAMRAS ERP is a complete Billing System including General Ledger , Budget & Estimating, ACB Payments, Bank Reconciliation, Consolidated Debtors, Creditors/Accounts Payable/Stores, Financial Statements, Investment Registers, Job Costing, Assets/Inventory, Supply Chain Management, Vehicle Costing, Personnel/HR, Payroll, Property Records/Valuations, CFO Dashboard, Rate Payers Portal, Suppliers Portal, Contracts Management, Electronic Document Management, Leave & Overtime, NT Reporting, Capital Budget. SAMRAS ERP is a fully GRAP complaint system.

Our solution also includes:

  • Debt Management - including Debt Collection, Debit Monitor, and Reporting.
  • Performance Management - including KPAs/KPIs, Budget Linking and Reporting.
  • ERP Consulting - including Reconciliations, VAT, Bank, Creditors, Debtors, Stores, Training, Stock Takes, Financial Statements, NT Reporting, SCM, Data Cleansing and Asset Imports.
  • Clean Audit - including System Audit, Audit Strategy and Controls, Data Analytics, ICT Policies and Frameworks.

Contact:    Jane Khaled 
                 Business Unit Lead:PMO
                 Bytes Universal Systems
                +27 11 205 7665
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