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Financial Services

Financial Sector - Overview

The Financial Services business unit helps leading banking, insurance and capital market institutions meet the operational and risk management challenges of a demanding industry. Our services encompass streamlining critical business processes that reduce costs and accelerate agility, helping customers make better use of their data to prevent fraud and other financial crime, addressing regulatory compliance issues and modernizing or replacing legacy technology environments.

We create transformative value by technology-enabling business and deliver by collaborating with customer management to first understand the levers of value, and then apply the appropriate technology and integration services to drive out the agreed results – on time and within budget.

We supply software from both global vendors, as well as from our South African in-house development teams. In-house developed software includes a well-established and fully configurable and comprehensive financial product administration solution, a unique legacy data preservation tool and a data matching MDM extension localized for African languages.

Financial Sector - Solutions and Services


  • IN.sight employee benefits and financial product administration
  • IN.archive legacy user interface and data preservation
  • Volanté financial data integration accelerator
  • Broadridge reconciliation, confirmation matching and SWIFT bureau
  • iManage enterprise content management


  • Database management
  • Data and application integration
  • Service orientated architecture
  • Business process management
  • Risk and compliance consulting
  • Financial product administration
  • Content and document management

Contact:  Mark Neethling – 011 205 7000

Services & Solutions

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IN.sight – an African solution for African Financial Services

IN.sight is a suite of modular software tools capable of handling the most complex financial product configurations.
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Reconciliation Solution
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Volanté Designer

In an increasingly complex, digital world, efficiency and speed is of the utmost importance. Volante Designer simplifies the complexity of developing and deploying financial message and data integration by enabling the definition of the workflow of the data process and taking into... Read more /

Bytes Universal Systems Financial services offer a comprehensive service for establishing a Service Oriented Architecture Centre of Excellence (SOA CoE). Key parts of this service include the establishment of the Business, Application and Data architectures for the CoE.

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