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Volanté Designer

In an increasingly complex, digital world, efficiency and speed is of the utmost importance. Volante Designer simplifies the complexity of developing and deploying financial message and data integration by enabling the definition of the workflow of the data process and taking into account how information is routed between multiple parties within or outside of an organisation and what those parties seek to do with it. Volanté Designer manages the creation of services that are deployed to assess the data as it is processed to ascertain the source, validity, and structure thereof.

The solution is used by major financial organisations, corporate enterprises, exchanges and utilities around the world, and ensures users, through optimized data integration solutions, are enabled to handle data feeds and applications from both internal and external parties.
As a global leader in financial message integration, Volante provides a comprehensive toolset supporting message standards and data normalisation, data flow and workflow, virtualisation and data governance. Volante constantly maintains a growing list of over 85 domestic and international financial message standards plugins with more than 250 associated pre-built transformations, including South African specific domestic standards.

VolPay Foundation:

VolPay Foundation is a specific packaging of the Volante development platform and components designed to ease the challenges of payment integration and processing projects. 
With the increasing need of organisations to efficiently support new digital channels and sources of payments, coupled with need of ensuring data compliance, VolPay Foundation addresses these challenges by optimising the payment integration capabilities of the organisation.

The platform couples the automation of key activities within the design, building, deployment, and maintenance of payment interfaces with a large constantly maintained library of pre-built payment format plug-ins and payment format transformations. The result is a consistent, agile, and functionally rich integration base for all payment interfacing activities.
The VolPay platform is expressly designed to address integration issues facing digital payments and greatly aids organisations’ agility in complying with regulatory changes and on-boarding new business opportunities. VolPay also insulates internal core systems from the complexities of external change. With VolPay, the technical aspects of payments integration and processing projects are completed in significantly reduced time and cost compared to traditional approaches.

VolPay Channel:

Increasingly in today’s digital payment age, corporate enterprises seek increased flexibility and ease in their payment flows to the banks they choose to do business with. Banks also need to onboard corporate payment flows more rapidly while incurring less cost in the technical on-boarding process. Often such endeavors take the form of extended technical projects that incur costs that are normally absorbed by the bank and/or passed onto their corporate client. Technology today should be in a position to remove such barriers and offer an effective, cost effective and streamlined on-boarding process.

VolPay Channel addresses this key challenge by increasing the agility of the bank’s on-boarding service, optimising the process for taking on new corporate customers and enabling the flexible pre-processing of their payment, cash, trade, and securities transactions before their distribution to the internal systems of the bank.

VolPay Channel is the engine that flexibly and speedily on-boards, validates, pre-processes and exception manages all incoming H2H data. In doing so, it drives higher levels of automation and efficiency with significantly shortened time to revenue within the bank and corporate enterprise. Business analysts on either the corporate or the bank side can execute the majority of the on-boarding tasks through a guided, streamlined step by step process. The entire experience becomes business process led rather than a technology led project. 

About Volante

Founded in 2001, Volante Technologies is a global leader in the provision of software for the integration, validation, processing and orchestration of financial messages and data and payments within financial institutions and corporate enterprises.. Volante is dedicated to helping firms manage challenges in this domain with greater ease so that they can focus on the business of being competitive in their marketplace.
Volante serves a growing client base of more than 80 financial institutions and corporate enterprises operating in 26 countries around the world, including several of the largest global financial organizations. Many clients use Volante to assist with multiple product implementations ranging from message transformation and integration, through to the processing and orchestration of transaction data and payments. Through its products, Designer, VolPay Foundation and VolPay Channel, Volante  constantly maintains a growing library of over 85 domestic and international financial message standards plug-ins with more than 250 associated transformations such as SWIFT MT and MX, FIX, FpML, EDIFACT, ISO 20022, and SEPA, as well as proprietary formats based on XML, CSV and Fixed Width.
Supported by offices in Jersey City, London, Dubai, Mexico City, Hyderabad and Chennai, Volante solutions are employed by a diverse set of organizations, including buy-side and sell-side capital market institutions, banks (universal, commercial and retail), corporate treasuries, financial industry utilities, clearing houses, exchanges, systems integrators, application vendors and corporate enterprises. By working with a global and diverse client base Volante is able to encapsulate a best practice approach into all its product lines.





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