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Bytes Universal Systems has been the exclusive distributor for Teradata in Southern Africa for the past 20 years and the partnership proudly continues.

  • Teradata is the world's leading analytic data Solutions Company, focused on integrated data warehousing, big data analytics, and business applications. Teradata's innovative products and services deliver data integration and business insight to empower organizations to make the best decisions possible for competitive advantage.   
  • Teradata has been rated as number one in data warehousing by analysts including Gartner for over 13 years, and continues to be rated as a leader in all Gartner’s magic quadrants for Data Warehousing, Integrated Marketing Management, and Customer Value Management associated technologies and solutions. (Click here for Gartner's 2015 Critical Use Cases)

Our Enterprise Intelligence Solutions team together with Teradata helps companies bring vast amounts of data into individual moments of decision through actionable, reliable insights. When you know the right thing to do, you can do more of what truly matters for your business and your customers. Then, moments of decision become moments of distinction. 

With our local skills and international IP, we have the people, skills, methodologies and references to help South African businesses exploit their data to drive business improvement.  We do this by leveraging Teradata’s global presence with more than 1,500 customers and 2,450 installations, together with our formidable local professional services team. Our deep technical and industry experience sets us and our customers apart. We help enterprises identify business opportunities, architect and implement solutions, and manage and optimise their analytic environments through a wide range of services.

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When the world gets smaller, the data gets bigger

The closer you look at the world around you, the more data you see, and the more you need Teradata and Bytes Universal Systems.


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