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IN.sight – an African solution for African Financial Services

IN.sight is a suite of modular software tools capable of handling the most complex financial product configurations.
Used by scores of African financial institutions of all sizes, Volante enables users to configure and manage the most complex financial products.
IN.sight brings together simplicity, functionality and speed in a way that no other financial product configuration technology can match. IN.sight is developed and maintained by a South African team with over 400 years of financial services expertise. 
Solutions with business IN.sight include:

  • IN.pensions – retirement products
  • IN.annuities – pensioner payments
  • – administers trusts
  • IN.funeral – funeral insurance
  • IN.savings - preservation investment accounts and education and endowment policies
  • IN.assurance – life and credit life
  • IN.grant - social security schemes and government grants
  • IN.archive – viewing historical data in original business context by configuring old system screens

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