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With R276m lost by South African businesses in a three-month period alone, the need for businesses to improve identity security has never been higher. Identity theft is prevalent in a variety of forms today, with self-confessed technical savvy individuals being within a higher risk category for compromise.

Digital identities forms part of our everyday lives as consumers and as organisations. Thus the importance of businesses to provide their customers with safe and convenient ways to validate and share their personal information has increased substantially in the last several years. Initiatives such as Know Your Customer (KYC), Protection of Personal Information (POPI) and Retail Distribution Review (RDR), has increased the burden on organisations to ensure that all interactions and use of personal information is more controlled and within limits of treating customers and their data fairly.

Multi-level and frictionless digital identity verification is the key to securing your company and your customers digitally. By reducing complexity and increasing end user experiences, adoption rates of these offerings and digital processes will be naturally increased and allow your customers the ability to transact easier and more often.

By ensuring digital identities are managed correctly, your business will benefit not only in compliance, but also cost reduction and overall efficiency improvements whilst customers gain a better service offering and realise more value in their relationship with you.

We are currently faced with a magnitude of decisions in order to improve or enhance our customer’s experiences with our companies, why not reduce the friction in having to continuously validate and authenticate identities. This will lead to an improvement in service and an overall more secure environment to transact in.

Please contact us today for an organisational blueprint for your digital identity project.

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