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Reconciliation Solution
With the advent of globalised regulatory requirements and increasing volumes of business transactions, organisations demand greater operational efficiencies and risk mitigation. The web-based Broadridge Reconciliation solution enables organisations to considerably increase their processing efficiency and reduce associated risks.
The solution can streamline an organisation’s reconciliation and exception management processes, and achieve cost savings through superior matching capabilities, volume throughput and fully integrated exception management.
As a SWIFT-accredited solution, Reconciliation is highly scalable and can validate, enrich and match an organisation’s transaction data from the departure point of the trade lifecycle through to post-settlement, for any type of financial instrument across all internal systems and in association with external partners.
Key benefits include:
•    Early detection of trading and settlement-related anomalies will result in reduced risk and more efficient workflow 
•    Improved operational efficiency through automated reconciliations of cash, securities, derivatives and commodities
•    Reduced processing costs as the number of exceptions is considerably lowered
•    Flexibility to deploy across an enterprise regardless of scale
•    Improved control through dynamic business activity dashboards tracking key performance and risk indicators

Confirmation Matching
An organisation can benefit from a confirmation matching solution that automates the processing of trade confirmations with powerful match rates from the original point in the pre-settlement cycle.
Matching technology ensures three-way, real-time matching for counterparty, customer and broker confirmations, while intelligent features such as ‘self-learning’ matching rules will result in greater automated matching results.
Key benefits include:
•    Matched confirmations automatically, regardless of source
•    Increased operational efficiency through streamlined processing for all trading activities 
•    Greater productivity and exception handling with easy-to-use workflow and self-learning matching rules
•    Enhanced customer service through web-based direct customer affirmation capabilities

Global SWIFT Service
The outsourcing service for SWIFT messaging creates an international business gateway to the SWIFT network and ensures a seamless two-way interface between any host system and the network for automated message generation and reply processing.
Straight through processing is available for all SWIFT messaging including trade initiation, confirmation, securities, treasury, payments, corporate actions, statements and proxy voting. The service is functional and applicable to all financial operations within an organisation such as brokerage, investment management and mutual fund processing, corporate treasury, custody, banking, and insurance.
By employing a state-of-the-art financial messaging service, an organisation can increase its operational efficiency and ensure reduced risk through standardised, guaranteed messaging and improved workflow control.

About Broadridge

Broadridge is a global technology and operations provider dedicated solely to the financial services industry. It delivers investor communications and technology-driven solutions in capital markets, wealth and investment management that address the pressures of regulation, operational efficiency, and risk mitigation. It is the leading provider of investment management solutions addressing the real-time, front- to back-office needs of hedge funds, asset managers, fund administrators and prime brokers. Its multi-asset class solutions simplify the management of complex instruments and strategies, ensure regulatory compliance, improve operational efficiencies, and help lower the costs of managing multi-prime hedge funds. 

FORTUNE magazine has just named Broadridge to its 2015 list of the World’s Most Admired Companies within the Financial Data Services category, adding to the many best-in-class awards it has received in its 50 year history.


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