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Unisys Edge® -  Enterprise Service Management

In response to dramatic changes in the digital enterprise, business users require access to on demand services tailored to their unique specifications. Fail to deliver and they’ll quickly seek out solutions from alternate service providers that fall outside of your control. Edge Service Management from Unisys is a proven framework and flexible cloud-based SaaS solution that simplifies core Service Management processes.

Born out of our proven heritage in ITSM, Edge quickly aligns your people, processes and technology to improve service delivery while lowering costs. Service Management that's data-driven is business ready. Edge offers consolidated and customized service views. Powerful analytics generate actionable insights from your systems data. This allows your Service Management organization to foresee impending outages or predict shifts in user demand for a more proactive approach to service delivery.

Modernize the Service Management core. Align the systems. Thrive on intelligence.

Edge Service Management is built on a business-ready solution that seamlessly integrates with the systems you already have in place. With an integrated view of Service Management across the enterprise, you are able to deliver services more efficiently and effectively, freeing up time and resources to focus on strategic initiatives rather than constantly putting out fires.

Solutions include:

  • ITSM in the Cloud
  • Managed ITSM
  • ITSM Lifecycle Management

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