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Software Licensing & Software Assets Management

Bytes has been at the forefront of software licensing for many years. We’ve achieved success in this complex field due a full understanding of vendor policies, global market differences and a clear primary business focus on software and licensing. We have strong working relationships with all major vendors, including Microsoft, Adobe, Citrix, Symantec and VMware, but always put the interests of our customers first, representing them in all discussions and negotiations with software vendors to ensure the best solution. Regardless of the size of your business, we can help you reduce costs and improve the performance of your software estate.

Reducing Costs and Improving Performance

Our goal is to help you establish a fully dynamic and managed software estate where costs are lean and business efficiency is maximised. We can help you move from a tactical state - reactive purchasing with limited status knowledge - to a strategic software model, where processes and systems are in place to ensure continuous compliancy, total clarity of your software deployment and cost-effective procurement.

Bytes is a well-established and accredited Microsoft Licensing Services Provider (LSP) and we provide all “Standard stipulated Licensing Services” with great success. We do however pride ourselves in providing our customers with additional value driven services, whereby our primary objectives are to maximise software usage and minimise licensing costs.

Bytes can help you by:

  • Identifying the most cost effective and flexible ways to license your software, enabling your business to move with future trends
  • Being independent, impartially finding you the most suitable software to meet the needs and objectives of your business
  • Using our purchasing power to save you money
  • Access to experienced volume licensing experts that are passionate and knowledgeable across all aspects of volume licensing and specifically how to save money for you.
  • We implement a formalised engagement process which aligns with your goals. This is then measured through an SLA (and defined KPI’s) with “Superb Service” as our aim.  
  • We integrate training as part of our proposition with the intention of positively influencing the adoption of the technology deployed within your environment.
  • Our Microsoft solutions align with best practice and we continue to invest and maintain Gold certification with Microsoft.

Services & Solutions

Software Asset Management (SAM) isn’t just about compliance. Software usage is very difficult to predict, and Bytes can make sure this is never an issue by providing you with a clear and accurate account of your software estate. Under-usage amounts to wastage and over-usage means you aren’t compliant.... Read more /

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