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Identity is at the core of what we do, whether validating a person’s identity through an enrolment process, or issuing a secure credential against which to verify that identity when transacting.  Our solutions extend to ensuring the identity can be trusted to allow the person access to certain rights, such as the right to vote or claim benefits legally.  Bytes has extensive experience in the development and supply of Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) solutions, including hardware BVR kits and software development. Our kits have been rolled out successfully in both Tanzania and Guinea.  Bytes seeks to add value to clients' business by providing innovative identity management solutions for business, governments and citizens.

IDM aims to protect clients against the vulnerabilities of ID theft by implementing technology that is convenient, secure and non-intrusive. We secure the best technology rights for the territories we operate within, and offer clients either complete solutions or specialised modules of technology for integration into existing confidential infrastructure (such as financial systems) without the need to compromise back end solutions.

Working with local and international partners, we source the most suitable technology for each component of a comprehensive ID management solution, and then acquire the necessary rights for use. Our suppliers become committed partners, allowing us to combine global technology with local experience, customisation, integration and development when required. Our extensive product range includes desktop fingerprint readers, the revolutionary Multispectral Imaging Technology, biometric access control devices, and secure identity documents. Solutions address hardware, software and firmware requirements for large scale applications like biometric registration and verification solutions, election solutions, border control systepassport solutionsms, visa management, electronic voting and card personalisation.

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