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In an increasingly mobile and digital world, it has become necessary for a person to have an electronic identity, and to protect that identity from abuse. IDM’s eGovernment and Digital Citizen solutions allow governments and corporations to issue and manage such electronic identities for their citizens and staff.The integrity of this eID is critical as it determines access rights to services and benefits such as social grants, driver’s licenses, financial inclusion, and a passport for cross border travel. Often secured in travel and identity documents, organisations need to know that the authenticity of the document and the related eID is assured. IDM’s biometric identity solutions provide this assurance through its comprehensive secure document and forensic biometric technology portfolio.

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For any nation, the control and regulation of cross border activity is essential for continued stability and economic progress.  With international borders opening up and the migration of individuals becoming more prolific, it has become critical that governments and border officials can trust travel and... Read more /

Biometrically enabled smart cards have a variety of roles to play within the identity management lifecycle. They can be implemented in a simple card based access control system or into more complex corporate and civil applications providing access to other services and benefits a person may be entitled to... Read more /

It is the basic right of any citizen to have a defined identity and to have that identity protected from abuse or misappropriation. Many public and private services require presentation of a reliable identity document including voting, financial transacting, access to healthcare facilities and passport... Read more /

Bytes IDM is able to provide trusted travel documents with our electronic passport datapages and complaint secure identity cards. Combining technologies, biometric features ensure the logical security of the documents, while using a high performance, pure polymer material such as polycarbonate, with a... Read more /

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