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Biometric Registration & Verification

Bytes’ IDM division offers a comprehensive range of biometric enrolment, registration and verification solutions.  Right from civil and corporate identity verification solutions, to vehicle registration identification, IDM enables its clients to secure and manage the identities of their clients and citizens – at time of enrolment and ongoing verification during the identity management lifecycle.

Services & Solutions

Bytes’ IDM elections and biometric registration systems cater for the capture of biographical and demographic data and the management of this data for comprehensive visa solutions, voter and registry applications, birth and death registration, de-duplication services and border control.

8500 BVR... Read more /

Fundamental to any secure customer transacting is knowing exactly who you are dealing with at any given time. While biometrics such as fingerprints provide a high level of comfort, the authenticity of citizen documents also has a critical role to play. IDM’s Customer ID Verification Solutions combine... Read more /

IDM offers driver’s license card solutions designed to fulfil high security standards. The cards themselves are very robust with a long shelf life.  Both standard driver’s license cards and an electronic driver’s license document equipped with a chip for enhanced functionalities are available. The... Read more /

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