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Biometrics allows the identity of users interacting with business systems on a consumer and employee level to be accurately authenticated as well as creating a non-repudiation scenario. 

Biometrics have been successfully applied in the following solutions: 

The IDM AFIS (Automatic Fingerprint Identification System) and ABIS (Automatic Biometric Identification System) solutions provide a back end biometric database that allows for the prevention of duplicate enrolments, matching of identity, integrity of the audit trail and one clear biometric profile per... Read more /

Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) have become an extension of the traditional bank branch, offering full service capabilities, 24/7. However, with this increase in functionality also comes an increased opportunity for fraudulent activity. The typical card and PIN combination is easily exploited, and there... Read more /

Each day millions of pages of paper are printed, at huge expense, for the sole purpose of capturing a customer's signature. Electronic document solutions can eliminate this expense and streamline business flows for businesses, health care facilities, retailers, hospitality providers and government... Read more /

Being the most stable biometric modality, fingerprint authentication can be used to prevent unauthorized physical access to any premises and logical access to ATM machines, computers and network infrastructure, Fingerprint authentication has the following advantages over the traditional password, smart... Read more /

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