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Information Technology Outsourcing

End user productivity focus, mission critical secure modern infrastructure and quantitative governance, secure monitoring & outcomes management

End User Productivity Focus:

  • 24x7 Single Point of Contact for user support
  • Remote on-line application assistance
  • Self-help portal with service requests and client specific FAQ
  • Support for BYOD, Mobile device and warranty management
  • Walk-in user support desk on campus environments
  • Data security and collaboration services
  • Persona based business service views

Mission Critical Secure Modern Infrastructure:

  • On-site support for premise based infrastructure.
  • Remote monitoring and management of servers, storage, network, voice platforms and applications
  • Hosting and technology syndication
  • Transformation through “private cloud” to “hybrid cloud”
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery management
  • Service aggregation management
  • Capacity planning and availability management
  • Automated provisioning

Quantitative Governance, Service Monitoring and Outcomes Management:

  • Program Management Office Structure
  • Service Catalogue Management
  • Service Excellence Office, Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Continuous Service Improvement and Innovation
  • Transformation Plan and Technical Design Authority
  • Problem, Change and Knowledge Management
  • Business Impact Analysis

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