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In the dynamic and fast paced environment of modern business and with a growing tendency towards a mobile workforce, information is expected to be readily available from many locations across multiple platforms. 
Bytes Security Powered by Performanta protects your information and intellectual property by delivering comprehensive, turnkey security solutions that assist in preventing, planning for and eliminating potential threats. 
The reality of modern times is that it is no longer a question of ‘if’ an organisation will be breached, but rather ‘when’. With malware, ransomware and spyware being but a few of the threats facing businesses today and with legal processes such as the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI), data protection is a priority for all companies across industry sectors. 


Bytes Security Powered by Performanta prides itself on providing solutions that ensure protection across the entire attack continuum.  
Bytes Security has strategic partnerships with leading security technology vendors, together with the expertise and experience required to implement, manage and monitor these solutions. We are passionate about assisting organisations realise the full potential of each technology deployed.
Getting the basics right:
Many organizations inadvertently fail to limit the attack surface for the bad guys.  Let us assist you with a strategy, technology, service or just visibility into:
  • Patch management
  • Vulnerability management
  • IP asset inventory management
  • Malware prevention prevalence across the entire organization
  • Active directory rights and privileges.
  • SSL visibility
Our Insight agent allows a simple, easy to implement solution to provide you with a dashboard based view to assess your coverage on the core areas above and allows you to track the progress of your remediation efforts.
Before an attack :
It is imperative that preventative measures are t in place, ensuring that the network is hardened and access controls are set for roaming and office based users:
  • Network Perimeter
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Data Centre protection
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Data leakage prevention
  • Security policy orchestration
  • Cloud Security
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Web Security
  • Email Security
During an attack :
 Whereas in years gone by, an effective prevention solution was the core focus of a defence strategy, the attackers have become more sophisticated, and our approach always works on the assumption that the organization is constantly under attack. Whilst prevention is still an important layer of an overall strategy, it is imperative to provide the ability for early detection, effective isolation and permanent remediation of an advanced attack.  It is important to detect known and unknown attacks and block immediately. Unknown and advanced threats are becoming more and more prevalent and poses a significant risk to the intellectual property, financial stability and continued operations of all organizations.
  • Advanced threat detection and intelligence.
  • Dynamic Malware Analysis
  • Advanced Malware Protection
  • Retrospective Security
  • Cognitive Threat Analytics
  • Advanced event correlation, IOC (indicators of compromise) detection and incident response.
After an attack: 
Ideally, all organizations would prefer to have security experts monitoring your environment 24x7x365 to ensure that attacks are detected early and remediated effectively, but in reality, that is not always possible. 
After such an attack – it is important to scope, contain and remediate malicious activity immediately.
Your requirement may be for specialist technical skills after an attack, penetration testing, architecture and deployment of specialist security solutions, or a fully managed service including retrospective security.
Bytes Security provides you with access to leading technology solutions and over 160 industry leading security specialists to fulfil on your requirements.


Technology services
We provide technology services to 1.2m users across five continents. Our success is based on an in-depth, mature and robust assessment process, which enables us to provide solutions aligned to our clients’ strategic business goals. And because our solutions are fully managed and delivered on a turnkey basis, clients’ management teams are not distracted from their core business. 
Our ability to deliver true business value through technology is underpinned by our corps of highly experienced engineers. All our engineers have practical experience across a range of industries, domains and technologies; and our robust internship, training, skills development and enrichment programmes ensure their technology skills remain finely honed. The result? Our customers receive only the highest levels of service. 
Designing the right technology solution for each client
We believe that there are three components to providing the right technology solution, one that will help clients realise business value: 
  • Technology skills and expertise. As technical specialists with deep practical experience, our engineers are well-equipped to provide the best advice and guidance. An ongoing technical certification programme ensures our engineers’ skills in each type of technology remains current. 
  • The right technology. A highly experienced, specialist panel selects the technology to be used for a specific client. Most of the products we work with appear in the Gartner Magic Quadrant and other industry analyst shortlists.
  • Customer involvement. In order to ensure that the project remains aligned with client business needs, our teams are fully engaged with the client team from inception through to sign-off

Managed Security Services

Security has become an extensive discipline that affects the entire organisation.
With a continuously evolving threat landscape and technologies provided by a variety of vendors - each with a different security approach - security management requires a variety of highly specialised and skilled resources.
Your organisation may have all of the technology required to prevent threats - however the question is, do you have competent manpower managing every aspect of your security architecture? Is your security team available 24/7/365, do they analyse processes and procedures continuously and are they able to respond to threats immediately? 
Bytes Security provides tailor made, cost-effective managed services that will address each aspect of your security framework. We work around the clock – ensuring your posture is in line with industry best practise and your environment remains up to date. 
Consulting services
Bytes Security’s holistic consulting approach covers aspects of all security disciplines, enabling organisations to secure their intellectual property. An effective information security strategy requires an approach that considers people, process and technology, and provides a clear view on how those components affect your organizations adherence to industry standards, frameworks or legislative requirements. Our goal is to identify the core areas of concern and provide a road map to mitigate risk and realistically address the requirement.
Our security consultants have decades of experience and a deep knowledge and understanding of new threats, technologies, regulations, standards, frameworks and practices.
Our consulting services include:
  • Security maturity analysis
  • Security and Risk Management
  • Compliance and Regulations
  • IT Security Projects
Our Ignite Security analysis platform allows for a simple and comprehensive security posture analysis engagement with our industry leading consuting team, allowing our customers a siginificantly shortened timeframe to establish a clear view of their adherence to policy / framework / legislation, whilst also providing a clear view of the actual technical cybersecurity posture of the environment, allowing our customers to plan effectively and make informed technology decisions.
Cyber Security Operations Centre:
At our Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC), Bytes Security have perfected the art of responding to threats in a calculated, calm and professional manner. We have everything we require to competently defend your organisation - this includes a vast array of sophisticated detection and prevention technologies, cyber intelligence reporting and access to a rapidly expanding workforce of talented security professionals.
Our CSOC is a 24/7/365 operation, geared to detect, analyse, respond to, report on and prevent cyber security incidents.
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