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Practice Management Applications

Our older DOS based Practice Management Applications

MASS - Practice Management Application

MASS is an exceptionally stable MS DOS-based program, renowned for being user-friendly, it is currently used by general medical practitioners, medical specialists, group practices, medical bureaus and clinics throughout the country.

MED2000 - Practice Management Application

Med2000 is our oldest MS DOS-based software application and can be configured for individual or group practices of various medical disciplines.  There are various features that cater for medical specialists, general medical practitioners, dentists, orthodontists, optometrists, clinics as well as veterinarians.

MEDIT Practice Management Application

Medit is one of stalwart MS DOS-based applications.  It supports clinics, general medical practitioners, radiology, anaesthesiology, and dentistry practices, as well as group practices.  It has a comprehensive Stock system and works particularly well for dispensing.

Medit was developed in 1994 because it was felt that the market required a simpler approach to Practice Management Application (PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE) industry.  The approach was, to make it a client-driven product, where the service providers could feel comfortable making choices about the way they wanted to work.

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