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Altech Card Solutions runs a secure, certified and high availability transaction processing platform and service which it offers to its customers either as a transactional service or alternatively as an outsourced hosted service. The solution is based on the S1 (Postilion) solution and product range and can be customized and adapted to conform to a customer’s specific needs or requirements.

The service offering covers the following main functional requirements:

  • Financial Transaction Processing
  • Credentials
  • Front-End Transaction Origination Options
  • Card Related Services
  • Value-add Services
  • Solution Support Services

The service runs on two active hosts with each host having the capacity to take on the full processing load without degrading of the service levels should it ever be required.
 The two hosts are geographically removed from each other to avoid the risks of being exposed to a single communications hub or exchange or to a single power supply grid in an area.

The service to customers is managed through agreed service level agreements which are managed and amended, if required, as business- or technical requirements change over time.

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