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Imagine a product that can transform the way you practice medicine by offering you all the functions required for optimal management of healthcare records in a computerised environment:
•Lightning fast and efficient capturing, storage and retrieval of patient information.

•An optimized and interactive system that cuts out all the paperwork.

•Pioneering data architecture and a data engine based on international research and standards.

HEALTHone is an interactive user-friendly patient record system that offers you all of this and more!


HEALTHone offers the user all functions required for the optimal management of healthcare records in a computerised environment, including the ability to create, store, retrieve and share patient records. Relevant healthcare data can be added, edited, and exploited to support optimal patient care. It is a mature, comprehensive, powerful, flexible, portable, standards based electronic health record system and is currently in use in Ireland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, South Africa and the USA.

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