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The rapid transition to digital communications and data exchange in recent years has led to a sharp rise in digital delinquency and the use of all possible computerised channels for criminal purposes: industrial espionage, bank fraud, data leakage, etc. These are just some of the threats that financial institutions and large corporate have to address. On the other hand the increase in opportunities for innovation is exciting; faster transactions and easy open access relate to higher volumes of business. ACS e-Security can assist by partnering with your business to leverage integrated technology security suites, allowing for systems that are secure and monitored, and  with advanced reporting solutions increase the ease with which the landscape can be managed.
 Managing your IT risk is a fundamental part of managing your modern business in an ever-changing and challenging environment. Using the internet has become as common place as making a phone call. The internet not only provides a new channel to the customer, it also provides opportunities for innovation and breakthrough product portfolios.

It consequentially then opens the door on a plethora of new risks and compliance issues. Coupled with the new business requirements such as high-assurance, high-speed and high-availability it makes the choice of product complex. In dealing with best-of-breed products, ACS e-Security simplifies the playing field, given the constant evaluation and re- evaluation of security enabling and facilitating products. Global security concerns, coupled with the issuance of new regulations internationally, are changing the security requirements. At the same time, increasing computing power is available to potentially enable criminals to attack your systems, putting pressure on your engineers to assure the business that their data is secure. ACS e-Security can add value to the multiple business avenues presented by our clients.

The e-Security division provides a comprehensive range of Security Services to the market. A summary of these services are detailed below:

  • Cryptographic Solutions and Consultancy.
  • Managed Security Services Providers.
  • Vulnerability Assessment.
  • Intrusion Prevention and Detection Services.
  • Electronic Asset Management.
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), both SSL and Identity and Cerificate Management.
  • POS Key Injections
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Application Security
  • Authentications Solutions.
  • Penetration Testing

Coupled with the above services, we offer comprehensive online management information as is required. e-Security has a wide range of best of breed security products and suitably qualified engineers to implement and support the above range of services.

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