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Med-e-Mass strives to improve your practice by supplying you with what you need to maximize your cash flow.

The Med-e-Mass stand-alone and wireless credit card solution, in partnership with Nedbank and Edcon gives your patients alternative options for settling their accounts.

•Competitive bank charges
•Fast, real-time connectivity
•Reliable, Bank accredited Altech Card Solutions
•Daily reconciliation reports for credit and debit card transactions
•Monthly audit trails for Edcon transactions

In addition:

We strive to improve your practice and supplying you with what you need to maximize you cash flow. We keep on adding value to your practice!

The Med-e-Mass Credit/Debit Card Solution, in partnership with Edcon, gives your patients another option for settling their accounts. Your Med-e-Mass PMA has been equipped with the Edcon Payment Solution, which allows payment with any of the Edcon-approved consumer cards.

Patients out of benefits? No problem - Edcon pays on a monthly basis for all Edcon approved transactions that have been processed through the Med-e-Mass point of sale solution.

Private patient? No problem – this solution allows any patient with an Edcon clubcard to pay for services provided in your practice.

Tired of the high cost of collection? You can avoid the effort of collecting outstanding payments – simply swipe a card, and payment follows timeously, month after month.

Reduced administration, reduced debtor days, drastic reduction in bad debts – overall, a massive saving – for you and your patients!!!

Need more feet through your doors? You can use the Edcon Payment Solution to guarantee prompt payment of your bills and to attract patients who may have run out of benefits or who do not belong to a medical scheme. Edcon cardholders get all the benefits associated with their Edcon accounts when paying your practice with their clubcards.

For a minimal fee per transaction, you can get all of this – You can’t afford to wait! Start saving now!

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