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This part of the business focuses specifically on healthcare IT and eCommerce solutions. The company's core purpose is delivering business solutions that enable more of the healthcare Rand to be spent on healthcare.

South Africa's huge number of medical aid schemes and the complexities of their different systems, coupled with the sheer number of claims processed, place a heavy burden on the already stressed healthcare industry's administrative capacity. Through utilising the solutions and services provided by Med-e-Mass and MediSwitch; healthcare professionals, service providers and medical scheme administrators are able to dedicate more time to the delivery of healthcare and spend less time on administration. These professionals and institutions are assured of improved cash flows and better efficiencies through our business management software and claims submission solutions.

The South African government has initiated several regulatory and structural reforms to broaden the reach and improve the quality of healthcare delivery. We play a significant role to assist these efforts, with solutions that have a proven record of success.


Services & Solutions

ME+ (Med-e-Mass Plus) is a Windows-based system flexible enough to be customised across a wide spectrum of user scenarios.  It can be scaled to accommodate single or multiple practitioners, single or multiple speciality group practices as well as multiple sites or surgeries.

The host of features... Read more /

MSV provides the healthcare professional with the means to check that the patient is indeed a valid member of the medical scheme he or she states they belong to.

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Med-e-Mass strives to improve your practice by supplying you with what you need to maximize your cash flow.

The Med-e-Mass stand-alone and wireless credit card solution, in partnership with Nedbank and Edcon gives your patients alternative options for settling... Read more /

MediSwitch offers various transaction-based services to both healthcare professionals and medical schemes/administrators.

Claims can be delivered in batch or online, real-time – depending on the requirement and Practice Management System (PMA) of the practice. All pharmacy claims are submitted in... Read more /

Imagine a product that can transform the way you practice medicine by offering you all the functions required for optimal management of healthcare records in a computerised environment:
•Lightning fast and efficient capturing, storage and retrieval of patient information.

•An optimized and... Read more /

By doing a Benefit Check, the healthcare professional can verify the availability of funds in the patient’s medical scheme account before treatment is rendered.

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electronic Remittance Advices (eRAs) can be received from participating schemes. eRA’s are returned to the practice, laboratory or pharmacy and the latest integrated PMAs and Hospital Information Systems (HIS) have the ability to auto-allocate these payment remittances.

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Elixir offers an extensive clinical record keeping functionality with which administrative patient files and clinical details can be maintained in one Clinical Information System.

The seamless combination of the Clinical Information System with a financial system allows for various formats of... Read more /

HEALTHone Connect offers the user all functions required for the optimal management of healthcare records in a computerised environment.

  • H1 Connect on AppstoreYou can now create, store and share patients records on an online platform that is mobile, secure and convenient.
  • You can... Read more /

MediSwitch offers the ability to healthcare professionals, pharmacists, practice managers or hospital administration staff to submit electronic claims to medical aid schemes on behalf of their patients.

With more than twenty one year’s experience, MediSwitch enables healthcare professionals to... Read more /

Our older DOS based Practice Management Applications

MASS - Practice Management Application

MASS is an exceptionally stable MS DOS-based program, renowned for being user-friendly, it is currently used by general medical practitioners, medical specialists, group practices, medical bureaus and... Read more /

On the financial side, the integration with Pastel also saves time, streamlining the payment processes with medical schemes simplifying tax requirements and the audit process and reducing bad debts.Mastermed opens a window of opportunity for doctors, specialists, physiotherapists, opticians, radiologists... Read more /

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