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Altech NuPay is a division of Bytes Secure Transaction Solution.
Altech NuPay is a PCI-DSS certified transaction service provider and is the leader in managed electronic payment solutions. Altech NuPay offers proven business solutions within the authenticated (terminal based, card present), non-authenticated (card not present) and web-based product space, providing a secure solutions for payments and collections to all industries.

Altech NuPay was the first CSP (Customer Service Provider) to go live in the AEDO environment on 2 October 2006. Altech NuPay also started processing NAEDO (Non-authenticated Early Debit Order - Card not present) transactions in the same month. Altech NuPay is currently the leading AEDO (Authenticated Early Debit Orders) CSP operating within the micro finance Industry. At present Altech NuPay has over 4000 terminals in the field giving Altech NuPay the fifth largest point-of-sale footprint after the “Big 4” banks in South Africa.

Altech NuPay’s main strengths, capabilities and skills lie in the warehousing and management of transactions with high levels of security and unmatched customer service. Altech NuPay prides itself on relationship building, training and education, statistical analysis, consulting and advice, all of which help to grow businesses and increase success rates. Real-time reporting and web-based services further allow clients to stay in total control of their business ventures.

Altech NuPay is a national based company with branches in Gauteng, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal, Free State and Limpopo.

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Services & Solutions

ONE terminal: The convenience of loading both future-dated AEDO and real-time POS transactions with the added benefi t of pre-paid vouchers all on ONE terminal.

ONE mandate: NAEDO and NuPay MPS transactions simplified and easily integrated into your administration system.

ONE log-in facility... Read more /

Travel and expense management is a major focus area for companies, especially in view of the recent economic downturn and increasingly strict regulation on corporate governance. With the right policy, processes and systems in place, significant gains can be made in terms of efficiency and savings, as well... Read more /

NuPay PAAF (payment against available funds) is a unique web based pay-away service that enables merchants to create and transfer payments from his own business account to 3rd party accounts.
NuPay PAAF is a secure system with both user- level and authoriser-level structures in place for enhanced... Read more /

The DUX product suite comprises of Altech NuPay’s leading secure electronic payment solutions that have been successfully used in various markets over the past thirteen years. Now for the fi rst time, Altech NuPay have bundled their most sought after product offerings used by both private and government... Read more /

NuPay MPS is a unique web-based payment solution supporting both traditional debit order and credit card payment instructions providing access to all banks and their subsidiaries in South Africa.

Debit order payment instructions can be raised on authorisation from the merchants client and loaded... Read more /

NuPay EPV is a virtual voucher platform that enables the sale of prepaid airtime on an integrated EFT POS terminal. Qualifying Merchants funds their NuPay EPV Account.

When a customer purchase a voucher the merchant will select the voucher type from the terminal which will fetch the voucher... Read more /

NuPay AEDO (Authenticated Early Debit Order) is a terminal based solution which enables a merchant to load future-dated, irreversible transactions on a 3rd party’s account.

The basic aim of the NuPay AEDO system is to provide a facility whereby a credit provider can process an electronic... Read more /

E-Commerce is used for the buying of goods and services over the Internet. The amount of trade conducted electronically via the world wide web drawing on innovations in electronic funds transfers, on-line transaction processing and Internet marketing has grown immensely .

NuPay E-Commerce is a... Read more /

NuPay POS (Point of Sale) is a secure, stable and user-friendly terminal based product which will benefit all businesses requiring immediate processing of transactions.

The NuPay POS system provides a merchant with an electronic payment system whereby a consumer can pay for goods or services using... Read more /

NuPay NAEDO (Non-Authenticated Early Debit Order) is a unique web-based non-authenticated early debit order system, which provides the facility whereby a merchant can process a debit order instruction to debit a 3rd party’s account. Instructions are submitted for processing early morning with multiple... Read more /

NuCard is a web based electronic facility whereby a registered merchant can transfer a credit value to an end customer on an electronic card.

The end customer can then use the credit value stored on the card for card payments at any MasterCard POS pay point, or withdraw cash from any ATM within... Read more /

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