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ALTECH CARD SOLUTIONS (a division of Bytes Secure Transaction Solutions) is firmly established as a leading player in the secure electronic transaction market.

The Altech Card Solutions cardbased activities serve select vertical markets with the provision of solutions to the Southern African marketplace supported by a rich portfolio of quality services and products. Our knowledge of the market and our competitors, our quality people, our in house skills, as well as our commitment to our customers puts us in a prime position to serve our markets effectively. We have and will continue to succeed by growing our strong market position by leveraging off our combined existing customer base to expand our activities into other markets. Furthermore, we leverage off our international partners experience, market knowledge, products and solutions to aggressively attack new vertical markets.

Altech Card Solutions was the first South African EFTPOS vendor to successfully have an EMV Level II Banking application certified by EMVCO. We have maintained an excellent strategic relationship with Gemalto, a $800 million global payment technology company. Altech Card Solutions is the exclusive distributor of Gemalto terminals into the Sub-Saharan African market. Gemalto provides Altech Card Solutions with substantial backing as South Africa mirrors international electronic transaction trends.

Over the last twenty years Axalto has pioneered the use of smart card technology from the very first commercial smart card and payphone to leadership in new mass-market applications such as banking, GSM services and phone cards. At the forefront of technological innovation, Gemalto are able to supply all the key elements behind integrated solutions: terminals, smart cards, software and servers drawing on our wide experience across a number of industry sectors.

Today, Gemalto is one of the world's leading suppliers of banking cards and can assist banks to offer new services and develop new streams of revenue by adopting smart card technology. Today's cards offer a range of services such as credit, debit, loyalty programmes and e-purse. Smart cards ensure secure transactions for e-commerce and are in strict compliance with all International Banking Standards, particularly the Europay-MasterCard-Visa (EMV) standard for smart card electronic payment. Altech Card Solutions has been chosen by local Visa and Mastercard offices as a preferred vendor for the banking industry.

We operate a Repair Centre which currently has the capacity to handle in excess of 5 000 terminals per month. Typical services would include pre-delivery inspection, warranty obligations and ongoing maintenance and service.

Services & Solutions

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Altech Card Solutions has supplied payment terminals to the Banking and Retail industries since 1993. All terminals have been certified by EMV Co as well as being PCI certified.

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