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Contact Centre Outsourcing

Bytes People Solutions has a highly unique approach to servicing the local market as well as off-shore operations. Essentially Bytes People Solutions is able to combine its people-focussed solution offering and deliver a truly people-based solution set aimed at enhancing the customer experience through delivering interactions with customers based upon actual outcomes, rather than simply focussing on call handling metrics.

Whist many of our competitors purport to have people at the centre of their business, offer unmatched quality of service, Bytes People Solutions truly has people at the centre of the business.

To our clients we offer some of the highest First Call Resolution Rates, and Net Promoter Scores across their service estates. Our objective is to drive down the cost-to-serve through increasing First Call Resolution and improving Customer Loyalty through a differentiated service experience.

Ultimately we wish to drive down the ratio of service calls per subscriber/member, and enable longer term relationships between our clients and their customers based on higher value interactions. In other words we do not wish to generate our revenue through quantity of interactions, but rather through the quality of the interaction of an extended customer life-span.

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