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Bytes MS applies the quality of our people, processes and technology to ensure agility in terms of the fast changing industry environment in which we operate. This positions Bytes MS to not only be fit for business now, but also for the future.


Bytes MS is supported by a Business Intelligence division that ensures that an optimal skill base is available to match the technology and services provided by Bytes MS. Both technical and managerial employees are required to continuously improve their skill sets in order to exceed market expectations and be positioned to deliver superior services.


Bytes MS is strategically positioned countrywide with  service points varying from fully fledged warehoused branches to operational service agents – ensuring  quick access to remote or densely populated areas. Our inventory management programmes ensure the availability of the right parts. Coupled with our world-class supply chain division, out of stock requirements can be dispatched quickly to ensure uninterrupted functioning.


Our strategy to expand into Africa is based on our approach to “follow the customer.” This ensures aligned business initiatives by investing in the correct geographies that display readiness. We consider the customer’s commercial model and budget to establish risk and to build the appropriate risk share model.  We perform an aggregator role by managing our client’s African service agreement through a single point of contact to manage service level agreements. Existing in-country partnerships allow us to achieve optimal service and cost efficiencies and our experience allows us to be flexible in order to establish new partnerships when required.


The PMO co-ordinates and ensures the success of both internal and external projects within agreed time frames and budget. Based on the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) methodology, it is scalable to any project size or scope covering hardware deployment, software upgrades, remote deployment, asset and software audits and professional services. Our project teams handle hundreds of projects and site audits encompassing tens of thousands of devices in an annual cycle, demonstrating our ability to deliver on varied project scopes. The table below illustrates a few project completions.

Project Description


Hardware Deployment

Technology Refresh

Physical Server Upgrade

Software Updates Onsite

Remote Deployment

Asset and Software Audits

22 stores per day

4800 ATMs in 3 years

1200 in 10 days

6800 ATMs in 3 months

1200 upgrades in 50 days

7300 assets in 7 days



The Bytes MS logistics department is run by trained technical rework staff performing thousands of assembly repairs per annum. Our rework centre repairs, refurbishes, valets and pre-stages a variety of equipment such as printers, monitors, ATMS, POS, laptops, servers and desktops.

A world-class supply-chain is staffed to manage millions of Rands of Bytes and customer-owned inventory and is supported by our national network of branches and service points.

The division further manages partner agreements for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products, allowing direct purchasing from OEMs such as NCR, Dell, HP, IBM and Lenovo. Furthermore, the division has Accredited Warranty Service Provider (AWSP) management linked to the Bytes Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008) to ensure quality standards are maintained through the supply chain or logistics process.

Our quality principles includes Supply Chain Customer Focus in understanding the customers’ current and future requirements, Striving to exceed the customers’ expectations and building and maintaining excellent customer relationships are core to our customer focus activities .

Our inventory optimisation team that analyses complex data using our optimisation tool is our key advantage in creating focus and efficiency improvements within our area of the Supply Chain Services and Operations ensuring continual improvement of our overall performance.

We also strive to attain set objectives through staff training and awareness to take ownership and the initiative to resolve escalations, improving systems and services for our customers.

Furthermore, we are contracted to a 4PL partner that covers all our stocking locations and delivery network, catering for reverse logistics and stock replenishments both remotely and locally.

We also subscribe to the responsible destruction of e-waste.


 MIS specialises in the instant availability of accurate and reliable information to support service delivery. The creation, sharing and retention of reports are consistent, automated and efficient in order to sufficiently empower our users.

MIS drives success through the following principles:

  • Accessibility: Data is available in the right place at the right time
  • Accuracy: MIS implements solutions that ensure data is captured and maintained correctly
  • Quality: System-driven error identification and resolution for minimal errors
  • Reliability: Consistent expectation-based delivery
  • Security: Information is held and processed securely
  • Standardisation and Automation: Reports are standardised and automated as far as possible.

MIS generates, manages and maintains in excess of 900 monthly reports comprising of standardised, automated reports or ad-hoc, customised reports based on client needs. Customer-service requirements, including obligation management, engineer utilisation, stock control, part usage and billing are tracked for analysis and reporting. The MIS team is able to integrate with customer systems through a variety of Electronic Data Exchange Interchange (EDI) interfaces. We currently interface with multiple customers and address in excess of 60 000 incidents per month.


We utilise a customer engagement model that involves three phases to ensure that our customers’ needs for new products and services are met. The first phase includes planning, due diligence and a detailed engagement plan for deployment.

Implementation takes place during phase two, monitored according to the engagement plan. A comprehensive transition management plan ensures a risk-free and controlled process. Phase three involves on-going management, maintenance and improvements in terms of costs, performance, service and optimisation.

Bytes MS also ensures the comprehensive management of the lifecycle including disengagement. Exit processes are planned in terms of the appropriate removal of products and services while maintaining legal and environmental compliance. Appropriate governance mechanisms are in place to monitor, measure and adjust the engagement plan according to requirements, legislature and the environment.


An Incident Management Centre ensures timeous attention to incidents to prevent any disruption of productivity for the customer.

We have various categories of resolver groups including service desk level support, proactive services, on-site technicians and mobile enabled resolvers. Resolver groups are empowered through access to knowledge bases and tools for the effective and efficient closure of all incidents.


Aimed at streamlining processes, our e-mobile systems replace traditional paper-based systems by allowing mobile-enabled management of incidents, messaging, e-Docket, inventory control, equipment change control, overtime and mileage.


Bytes MS e-Financial Management systems offer transparency and readily available information. The Customer Online Pre-Billing Approval process further reduces administration and real-time accessibility to information for faster problem resolution.


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