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Financial: Retail Banking & ATM`s


Our Financial Solutions are based on technology and devices from NCR, the leading Automated Teller Machine (ATM) provider with the most advanced ATM technology, security and software for retail banking and branch transformation. Our products and services portfolio includes:

ATM (Automated Teller Machine)

ATMs, that form part of the banking sector’s branch transformation strategies and perform cash dispensing, cash accepting, bill payments, transfers and airtime top-up, thereby moving routine transactions away from the teller to self-service.

Teller Cash Recycler (TCR)

TCRs are teller-based cash-handling devices for accepting and dispensing cash of numerous denominations and multiple currencies. They are designed to improve teller productivity, speed up transactions, reduce wait times and improve customer interaction in a secure way.

Financial Kiosks

Kiosks move routine transactions such as sign-up, change-of-address, statement requests and electronic payments, away from tellers to reduce queues, offering quick and efficient completion of transactions.

APTRATM Software

The APTRA suite of software is designed to improve self-service banking for ATMs, kiosks and TCRs, delivering secure financial transactions, optimum network manageability, and building customer relationships while integrating with existing banking software.

Branch Transformation

Bytes MS (with NCR) offers consultation to help branches with the interface between technology and users for improved results in terms of customer experience and teller productivity. 

Mobile Banking

NCR offers banking solutions for mobile devices that are consistent and integrated with other banking channels into an omni-channel. This offers customers a unified experience with a greater choice for improved convenience.

ATM Security

Bytes MS offers additional localised security customisation..

Managed Services

At Bytes MS, we provide managed services for optimum returns on IT investment through high availability and predictability throughout the ownership lifecycle.

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