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Softskills & Business Skills

At Bytes People Solutions we’re passionate about helping employees, and therefore organisations, perform better.
Our Soft Skills offerings are designed to improve personal and interpersonal skills, business skills, and ultimately the efficiency of our clients’ employees.
Developing Soft Skills, from work ethic to attitude to effective communication, can help people excel, aiding them in evolving into the leaders of their respective fields or organisations.
The ultimate benefit of soft skills development, however, is the ripple effect it causes. The profound effect that small changes in an individual’s thoughts and behaviour can have on the team in which they work has the potential to impact the rest of the organisation in
productive and fruitful ways.

Most of Bytes People Solutions’ courses are aligned with the Unit Standards of the National Qualification Framework (NQF), though these do not constitute NQF credits. The four pillars to our approach comprise:

  • Unit Standards-aligned material – Level 2 and 3;
  • Unit Standards-aligned material – Level 4 and 5;
  • Power-hour focused interventions; and
  • International course content

Our highly-qualified Instructors can deliver training either at our clients’ premises or at one of the Bytes People Solutions training centres, conveniently located in Midrand, Cape Town and Durban.
Bytes People Solutions also offers Power-Hour Sessions which are conducted on clients’ premises and are designed to be highly impactful as well as time and cost-efficient, taking up no more than three hours per
group. Group sizes can vary anywhere between 10 and 50 employees, depending on venue suitability.
We furthermore provide Modular Learnership Programmes for employees, that carry formal NQF qualification. These range in duration between twelve and eighteen months, and are usually customised according to
client specific timelines. They include programmes in Generic Management, Contact Centre, Business  Administration, Business Analysis, and more.

Our Key Areas of Focus:

  • Business Skills - Designed to help employees perform professionally within an organisation.
  • Specialised Business Skills - Professional and detailed training to develop specific business expertise in the fields of Business ProcessManagement, Project Management, Business Finance, and ITIL.
  • Interpersonal Skills - Skills programmes that develop employees to work well within a team, and their ability to communicate effectively with colleagues and customers.  
  • Intrapersonal Skills - Courses are designed to develop emotional intelligence, thereby enhancing the ability to know, understand and manage their own emotions.
  • Supervisory and Leadership Skills - Programmes aimed at creating effective supervisors and leaders in order to improve employee motivation, increase organisational performance, and communicate expectations.
  • Customer Care- Providing front-line staff with the knowledge, skills and competencies to effectively improve customer service and customer satisfaction.
  • Business Fundamentals - Aimed at developing employees, with limited business exposure, how to function in an office environment.

No matter what soft skills challenges your business is experiencing, Bytes People Solutions has a wealth of experience in guiding and implementing a relevant, tailored and successful solution.

Services & Solutions

Bytes People Solutions presents the following courses to enhance the individuals supervisory and leadership skills:

Duration: 1 Day
Becoming a supervisor for the first time usually comes with mixed emotions and a lot of questions. Will you be able to help... Read more /

Schedules for softskills training per region:


Cape Town



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The power hour sessions are conducted on client's premises and are designed to be highly impactful as well as time and cost efficient, taking up no more than two-and-a-half hours. The other courses available cater for more indepth requirements and can range from several hours to several days.

The... Read more /

Bytes People Solutions presents the following courses to assist the individual with his or her inter- and intrapersonal skills:ADVANCED INTERPERSONAL SKILLS

Duration: 1 Day
Unit Standard: 252027
Welcome to this learning programme that will lead you to greater understanding of devising and... Read more /

The customer is king! Therefore Bytes People Solutions provides the following softskills courses to ensure that your employees treat the customer as such:

Duration: 2 Days
It is important for an organisation to have a professional and efficient call centre running, as... Read more /

Bytes People Solutions presents the following softskills courses that is related and complimentary to business skills:

Duration: 5 Days
In today’s competitive environment it is of paramount importance to be able to creatively analyse the business... Read more /

The following courses address basic or fundamental knowledge and skills any person that wants to be successful in the business environment should possess:

Duration: 2 Days
Unit Standard: 119465, 119457
To... Read more /

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